Our Quality Policy

Arimpeks serving as package manufacturer in pharmaceutical and food industry is aware of that even any problem occurring in the quality of it not only risks prestige of firm customers but also threats health of final customers. Brand is on and health is inside of the package. Our job is to present the brand with top-quality to the final customer and to fulfill hygiene conditions. Arimpeks determines its quality policy, performance improving activities, aims and objectives on the basis of below stated principles

• To adopt national/ınternational regulations, customer requirements and Arimpeks practices as the minimum standards.

• To ensure and maintain excellence of quality and product safety,

• To improve our staff and management quality with teamwork,

• To accept our suppliers as an inseparable part of our quality system,

• To ensure customer satisfaction with dynamic structure and quality service,

• In accordance with this purpose, it is responsibility of all Arimpeks staff to provide continuous improvement and permanent progress of quality and product safety,