About Us

ARİMPEKS firm was founded in 1987. The first manufacture was in an area of 300 m2 and with 1 rotogravure printing and 1 slitting machine. During the first years, manufacture of ARİMPEKS was 50 tons annually, and with the investments made in 1992 the capacity was increased to 100 tones. During these years, 80% of this capacity was composed of pharmaceutical industry playing the most important role at the establishment of ARİMPEKS

ARİMPEKS increased its production area to 1.200 m2 in 1998, and annual production capacity to 300 tones with 3 printing machines, 3 slitting machines and 1 lamination machine. One of the most apparent reasons of this growth was about the success of realization of new projects which are carried out on food sector. Printed and unprinted single layer and laminated packaging materials are manufactured at ARİMPEKS with using mainly Aluminum foil and films such as OPP, PET, PE.

The aluminum foil that is used as raw material at production is mainly supplied from AMCOR and SYMETAL firms. Besides, ARİMPEKS has a variety of suppliers both from domestic and foreign markets for the other materials.

ARİMPEKS, has manufactured at its new factory which is at Gebze Plastic Manufacturers Organized Industrial Zone with 5 rotogravure printing, 3 lamination, 4 slitting, 1 doctor and 1 embossing machine since August, 2005. 50% of production is composed of pharmaceutical industry and the other 50% of food sector. ARİMPEKS has reached 2.500 tones production capacity with its 60-person staff.

Our desire to provide limitless, the best quality service to our customers and their reliance to us what lead ARİMPEKS to come these days.